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First Impressions

Nikki Sims is probably familiar to many of you; prior to starting Nikki´s Playmates she was the star of her own site where she posed in hot solo picture galleries and videos. This one features the same basic idea except now she´s bringing in other girls and damn some of these girls are hot as hell. There´s a blonde chick named Madden and I swear she´s the most beautiful blonde chick I´ve ever seen. If I get to see more of her as a model I´ll be a very happy man. The promise of videos in addition to the pictures is appealing.

Hot Promises

Every Monday Nikki adds a new picture set featuring herself. On Wednesdays a gallery featuring one of her playmates is added and on Fridays new videos are added. Sometimes they add something random on Saturdays. That´s a lot of content folks. You can preview the most recent additions and look at small screen captures from the videos on the tour and I recommend doing both if you´re interested in a membership. There´s a lot of info to be gleaned from a run through the tour. After you´re done read the rest of the review for more information.


The design from the tour has been carried over to the member´s area and it looks great. The colors are perfect, the graphics are well done and of course there are pictures of a big breasted Nikki worked in so that´s always a good thing. Once you´re inside you´ll see the most recent updates listed and Nikki is good on her word when it comes to adding new content. They update at least three times a week and it´s usually four because she has lots of playmates and she wants to share them with you. I was also pleased to find a list of upcoming cam shows that you get free access to. It looks like she has persuaded a number of her playmates to get naughty on camera.

If you visit the picture or video page you´ll see only the most recent updates in both categories. It´s the place to go if you´re a returning member but if it´s your first visit to the site you want to visit the model page. That´s where all the magic happens. The full model list doesn´t appear to be in any particular order but there are only 15 girls so it´s not a big deal. They have a nice big thumbnail of each girl to help you make a choice and on each individual model page there´s an option to see pictures, candid pictures or videos (provided she has content in each of those categories).

We´re going to talk a little about each of the models and I´ll just go down the list as they display it. The star of the site is Nikki and it´s likely that she´s the biggest draw. After all, the site is called Nikki´s Playmates. She has 47 picture galleries and nine videos for you to enjoy and they run the gamut in terms of outfits worn, locations shot in, etc. Nikki doesn´t openly show her tits in her content but she often wears sheer lingerie or douses her shirts in water so you´ll get to see plenty of nipple and you´ll have intimate knowledge of her tits by the time you´ve finished browsing all of her content sets.

There are 14 other girls so I´m going to briefly describe each; there isn´t enough room to go in depth. Roxy is the classic all American blonde babe with blue eyes. She´s the girl next door, except she´s posing in naughty pictures. Brandi is a tall and thin blonde babe with chameleon-like abilities to change the way she looks with the aid of a wig or an outfit. Her body is like that of a supermodel. Kristen is a 24 year old German blonde with C cup breasts and a tight body. She does a gallery in the shower and it´s one of the site´s best, for sure.

Joley has big lips, long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She poses in adventurous and exciting outfits that I really like. I especially like her gold bikini that clings tightly to her breasts and her ass. Despite Nikki´s beauty and big tits Madden is actually my favorite model. It´s quite simple really: she´s one of the most beautiful young women I´ve ever seen and I can´t get enough of her hotness. K Rexxx is one of the youngest babes on the site at 18 years old and she has the typical tight teen body that will make your balls burn with desire. Kitty is also from Germany and she´s an adventurous girl that dies her hair a bright pink and loves to pose in the sexiest, sluttiest outfits possible.

Andrea is 21 and the gallery in which she poses as a domme in pink latex is one of my favorites on the site. She´s holding a cat ´o nine tails and her outfit is tight against her soft skin. I´d love for her to whip me. Rayven and Tatiana are the lone twosome on the site and both girls have tight bodies. They roll around naked and of course we get aroused. The next five babes have each shot 1-3 galleries for the site to help promote their own online destinations: Bandit Babe, XOXO Leah, Alex Jolie, Luscious Perscilla and Sandy Summers. The ladies are all sexy but their contributions are minimal so they don´t merit much conversation.

The pictures at Nikki´s Playmates are high resolution at nearly 1400px and the videos are crystal clear and big as well. The only complaint I have is that they provide only one very small screenshot per movie. Sometimes you know what you´re getting based on that shot but sometimes you´re simply guessing that the movie is going to be worth downloading. Sometimes it´s not. Visit the webcam section and you´ll find archived shows from four girls. Nikki has the largest number with 27 and another coming down the pipeline every week. You can also catch the shows every week if you check the schedule and come back at the proper time.

Croco’s Opinion

Nikki´s Playmates is one of the best solo babe sites out there because they feature more than one girl and update frequently enough to keep you swimming in fresh content. There are 15 models including Nikki and most of the girls have a small handful of galleries and videos. Updates are made 3-4 times a week and the site has been around long enough to have built a nice backlog of goodies to sift through. There are free cam shows every week and an archive of downloadable shows in case you missed them. If you like the models you see on the tour then you´re going to like the member´s area.


The site is well designed and they´ve made navigation a chore-free exercise.

Pricing Policy

The first month is $29.95 and every month after that rebills at $24.95. Croco´s rating: CrocoCrocoCrocoCrocoCroco
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